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Use CNN to improve your English

Photo taken of another magnificent male at the Houston Zoo.
Photo taken of another magnificent male at the Houston Zoo.

Today we are going to visit an awesome website: CNN.com. The acronym means Cable News Network.
There are several topics such as news, regions, video, TV, features, opinions, more...
I choosed as topic Regions
The article is titled 'Zimbabwe won't press charges against Cecil the Lion's killer' which was written by Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN. Read it http://edition.cnn.com/profiles/eliott-c-mclaughlin-profile

First of all, read this article
And then, answer some questions to understand the story better.

Understanding the story

Here are the questions:
1_ What does this article talk about?
2_ How did Zimbabwean people consider Cecil the lion? (Give some quotations)
3_Did Mister Palmer know he hadn't kill the lion? Did he see the collar? (Give some questions)
4_Had he already hunt other animals?
5_ Was he sentenced? How long?

Looking for the vocabulary

Translate and learn them.
press charges, ample publicity, threats, compound bow, a gun, skinned, beheaved, backed by, buried, to take aim, to hurl,
to ensure, weathered, to face charges, court documents, pleaded guilty, to make false statements, on probation, a f

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