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I found a great website to learn English

Homophone Card showing different meaning and spelling
Homophone Card showing different meaning and spelling

Hello guys!
Today I feel like to talk about a website.


It is great! It is a website that incites to work first of all oral. I have started english exercices for since yesterday.
Lesson 25 deals with homophones. The pronunciation is the same but meanings and spelling are different.

For example, I have a lot of money. Mary's eye is red.
Yesterday we ate vegetables with eggs. We were eight persons.

Let's go to Campus.abaenglish.com

I liked to listen to this lesson while watching the video because I help me understand and remember words better and improve my pronunciation.
There are several levels. I chose lower intermediate level first of all.
Because "Great oaks from little acorns grow".

Have fun!

--> Come and see here

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